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Next, Michael Crichton

Just finished reading Crichton’s latest – Next.

At the end of this “novel,” there is an Author’s Note, which explains five conclusions that Crichton arrived at at the end of his research for this book. However, it is hard to believe that these conclusions were made at the end of research for this book, for the whole book seems to be a moral fable that tells tales illustrating and reinforcing each of these conclusions. This renders the book a narrative of denouements – without enough of development on either side. But Crichton, being the brilliant author that he is, manages to make the book gripping enough. For Crichton fans, this is a must read, even if it is a bit preachy. Non-fans may find it a bit condescending, but what do they know! For someone who has never read Crichton before, stay away, and read Eaters of the Dead or Jurassic Park or Disclosure first. read more

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After a long time, managed to squeeze in some reading time – albeit online.

So much has been written about blogs, bloggers and blogging that I no longer read such articles fully. However, it takes an Economist writer to do the impossible – write readably about blogging! Read it here.

Bob Metcalfe writes about the challenge to his law, and argues why it is not really productive to split hairs.

CNN Money has a detailed and interesting write-up on the money in blogging, and traces the development of blogging as a new media. read more

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