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Blogocentricity Version 2006!

Having changed Blogocentricity under the hood, it was time to give it a new look!

Thanks to the new and improved WordPress theme viewer, I was able to find Husna. A few modifications here and there, including custom images, a totally different sidebar (the contents, not the style) and a rotating header image, and Blogocentricity’s brand new look was ready.

I’ve been using the Random Image Rotator for some time now, using it with my version of Scattered before this. It’s easy to use and idiot-proof! read more

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Got back this morning from a hectic trip to Coimbatore, and immediately upgraded to WordPress 2.0!

Most of my plugins seem to be working, and my theme is not horribly broken – and it seems to be behaving itself in IE and Opera as well!

The new admin interface is quite easy to learn and use, though how a new user may react is yet to be seen – maybe I’ll push Vibhu into WP and gauge by his reaction!

Also made a few buttons at the Lazy Man’s Button Forge, aka the Kalsey Button Maker! read more

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WordPress 2.0

With WordPress 2.0 looming large on the horizon, I wait with bated breath. Will the theme I’m using work with it? Will the plugins I am using work with it? Will I have a painful time restoring all functionalities?

Looks like there are a lot of people like me, which means I am lucky! Matt has a list of plugins that should work with WordPress 2.0. There is a sticky thread dedicated to the release in the WP forums. With all this, hopefully, the transition should not be painful. The only problem seems to be, with me going off for Christmas to Coimbatore, I’m left with very little time on my hands to upgrade and then make sure everything is a-ok. read more

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