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Desert Story

Many thousands
Of millions of light years away
Stands the Desert
Where the Sands of Time
Are blown about in dunes,
Small ones, big ones
Mountainous ones.
Soft, curves, stripes….
In Unthinkable patterns.
The Winds of Change keep on
The designs are altered,
mindlessly, aimlessly,

Once in a while,
A Man comes along,
A Real One.
Who has built real
Castles out of imagined air.
And He builds,
Out of the pliant sand,
Out of the wasted barrenness
Out of the Sea of Death.
Defying the Winds.
The ‘Divine’ Winds.
Devised by the Sand’s Minions.
He builds on
Undeterred by the Wind
Unfettered by the Sand.

A City grows
Into a nation
Into a World
Into Life.

Rain rains where it has
never rained before.
Before long, the Minions
Take over.
Make “money”
“Come see the wonderland
in The Desert”
“The holiday of a lifetime”
“A Tourists’ Paradise”
The advertisers rave.
And the money rolls in.
And ethics
All roll out.
Life finally rolls out.
The City, nation lives on
Life replaced by “money”

He leaves
Not saddened
Not deterred
Not troubled.

He goes on. On in search of
new horizons
New Cities, new nations,
New Life to find
to found.