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My Palm Tree

I sit on a palm tree
a tall palm tree
centuries old
legacy of a thousand births
legacy of the land of a thousand palms

migrations to the big city
migrations across seas
across oceans
and still,
I sit on the palm tree

wherever I go
I take the palm tree along

I think it belongs to me
it thinks I belong to it

But I know
that neither is real

I like to believe
that the palm tree
puts things in perspective

being high up in it,
I think I can see better, farther

while all the while,
all I see are palm fronds
and of course,
other palm trees

I sit on the palm tree
afraid to come down
unwilling to come down

I populate universities
appreciate art
comment on the state of affairs

from the safety of my palm tree

I travel the world
untouched by it
protected by my palm tree

I hate my palm tree
but I don’t come down
it can’t leave me
and I can’t leave it.