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On Being Stuck in a Lift

It finally happened. I got stuck in a lift last week. Somehow, the whole episode failed to live up to the expectations I had built up.

Like everyone else, I too have had my share of fantasies of being stuck in a lift. The most common, and most favourite I guess, is being stuck alone with an attractive member of the opposite sex (or same sex, depending upon your orientation). And of course, various things happen and when the rescue is finally effected, the rescuers think they have rescued the sauna by mistake. Somehow, this does not figure on my list of fantasies at all.

One of my most elaborate lift fantasies is to be stuck in a crowded lift and identify the killer. Of course, when the lift is opened, the police are there and it is but a moment’s task to hand over the killer, complete with the chain of events immediately before and after the murder. Ah Sherlock Holmes!

Another of my favourite fantasies is to be stuck in a lift with an old man, him having a heart attack, brave me doing a CPR and saving his life – and it turns out that he is an heirless millionaire¬Ö Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess!

And then there is the usual ‘rescue hero’ fantasy that I guess is pretty common. The lift is stuck underground in some unreachable labyrinth. I lead a bunch of scared people, which of course includes one pretty lady, who seems to be only one who stays calm, out of the labyrinth. And yes, I’ve seen Daylight.

Well, what really happened to me was pretty boring. First of all it was a lift in a block of flats and I was alone in it. Second, it had one of those grill-shutter type doors – which meant that you could look out of it. And third, it kind of got stuck immediately after it started going down – I was stuck in the lift about a foot below the floor. I punched the alarm button and screamed “Help” till someone came out of a flat and fiddled with the door for a bit. A wee bit later, the lift was okay and I was a free man. Apart from making me feel slightly silly, the experience did not do much else. So much for all my fantasies.