Want to teach your kid coding?

Want your kid to become the next Bill Gates? Let them follow their passion. Don’t turn your kid into someone else’s clone. Read Vijay Mohanty's take on coding classes for tiny tots.

The Fascinating Story of the Jacob Diamond

At almost twice the current size of the Koh-i-Noor, the Jacob Diamond has an interesting story behind it. As all good stories do, it involves intrigue, strong and wilful personalities and large sums of money at stake.

How A Schoolboy Scored 1009 Runs In 323 Balls In A Competitive Game

A schoolboy in Mumbai scored an incredible 1009 runs off a mere 323 balls in 2016, setting an improbable world record that will most likely stand forever. Journalists Bharat Sundaresan and Sriram Veera go behind the scenes and tease out the story behind the innings - and reveal the true heroes of the day.