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Biking to Bhongir

Now, before you go off imagining a trip on a mega-hog like some Hell’s Angel lost on the wrong continent, let me explain. I biked to Bhongir. ‘Biked’ is a word used, for want of anything better, to say that I travelled to and from Bhongir on my Bajaj CT-100, a piddling motorcycle that is little better than a moped. However, it did get me out there and back relatively faster than anyone else I encountered on the roads, and I covered the 25-kilometre stretch of National Highway 202 in a mere 18 minutes on the way back.

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Golconda seems to have been cursed for me – it is such a great place to get spectacular photographs, and yet the last three times I’ve been there, it has been only in the evening in the fading light. Finally, after a lot of planning we managed to get there during the day, only to have a rainy visit from which I managed to get a few decent pictures.

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