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Help Me Win!

Think I'm a Geek? Vote for Me!
Think I'm a Geek? Vote for Me!

I just entered the Geek Enuf contest run by Tata Docomo. The aim of the contest is to get your friends to vote for you if they think you are a geek. So, if you think I’m a geek, go ahead and vote for me!

Up for grabs is an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy I7500. It’s the slimmest Android phone yet, has an AMOLED screen, and a five megapixel camera. Now, who wouldn’t want to posses this beauty!

How to vote you ask? Well, for that you need to be on Orkut, Facebook or Twitter – it’s better if you’re on all three, as you can vote for me on all three networks. read more

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Of Facebook and free time

The question everyone asks me when they see me nowadays is, “So, what are you up to?”

It looks like all I do now is run into people I haven’t had a decent chat with in a long time. Even at work, where it is so easy to grab breakfast or lunch with anyone. Of course, the first casualty of a full schedule is my blog, and I have been really ignoring it.

In the midst of the sweeping change that brought about this state of affairs, I recreated my Facebook profile, and found that the mobile version is easy to access and update. I’ve been a bit of a maniac in updating it – which is really weird since I’ve not been updating anything regularly these days. I guess it’s because all it takes is a couple of minutes to post a status update with what I’m up to. So you find inane updates like me stuck in a traffic jam and me waiting for my food to go. But then you also get interesting bits like what I think of the movie I’m watching. read more

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Wired – at last!

The 25th of March will no longer be known as an ordinary day, but as the day the hamlet of Hafeezpet declared in one voice, “We will not remain quietly in the dark! We will not remain unwired for long! We are going online! We have Internet!

Heh heh – just couldn’t resist that!

Finally, almost four months after moving to Hafeezpet, I have internet. Granted, it is just cable, and from an unheard of ISP (called Teja network I think), but it is still better than no internet at all. The speed seems to be decent, and the price is not too high. Of course, time will tell how reliable this supposedly always on connection really is! read more

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