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The Goa Trip

Here’s a quick travel diary of our recent Goa trip. More detailed descriptions as and when (and if) I feel up to writing them!

18 March 2005

Caught the Bangalore Mail from Chennai Central.

19 March 2005

Reached Bangalore Cantonment at the absurdly early hour of 0515 hrs and spent an hour waiting for Rajesh to come and pick us up. Having partied hard the previous night, he missed not one but three alarms and woke up late. AirTel, being the one of the most customer unfriendly service providers ever, had not activated my roaming, although it was supposed to go with my plan. This meant that I could not call up Rajesh and see what was happening. Finally, when a bleary-eyed bloke in sweater, muffler and monkey-cap opened one of the public phone booths, I called Rajesh, catching him just as he was getting out. read more

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Goa – A Spoilt Surprise

It all began way back in September 2004. We were planning our trip to Sri Lanka and Vidya made an observation about how we always went somewhere on my birthday, but never did any travelling during hers. The reason is that the weather is simply horribly hot in March, when her birthday falls, and is definitely more tolerable in July, when mine occurs.

As I thought of what she said, I planned to surprise her by organising a trip during her birthday to her favourite, as-yet-unvisited place – Goa. So I asked around, looked up stuff ion the internet and found that the easiest way for us to get there would be to take a train to Bangalore and from there to fly to Goa. I booked tickets on Air Deccan in October, and started shopping around for a good place to stay. read more

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