Ride Safe

In an atmosphere charged with elements that make biking deadly, it is up to riders to stay safe.

Diaries from Half-a-year Ago

A couple of diary-like entries I wrote about six months ago.

25th August 2005

Written on the night train to Coimbatore

And so it begins.

A journey speeding into the night. A familiar route, an unfamiliar journey.

I look out of the window and see a swathe of stars. A bit of sky is visible through the window, and of it, only a small swathe is cloudless. The stars shine brightly, seemingly mocking me, for it is such an unfamiliar sky. I cannot name one single object in the bit of sky I can see. Normally, I would be able to point out a planet, or a constellation, or even the odd star. But this time, I’m stumped. I am very disconcerted by the unfamiliar sky. It all adds up, lending more and more to the atmosphere around me.

The past few weeks have been woolly. Very woolly. I have written nothing – not even a two line blog post, and feel both stifled as well as blocked. I seem to have a lot of things to say, yet, nothing to say. I have been talking to others, but myself mostly, about this, and trying to break this drought. I have been unable to do so, and this rambling is perhaps the first concrete step towards breaking free.

Not So Bubbly

I’ve been meaning to write about the Pepsi bubbly tv ad for quite a few days. The different things that sing the bubbly song seem to have been ripped off from other ads / celebrities. The singing guitar is obviously Saif Ali Khan – the Asian paints ad where he is seen with a guitar, and his unmistakable voice; the singing floodlights and the Elvis hanging from the car rear view mirror sing in Amitabh’s voice; Shah Rukh Khan’s pocket is, of course, Sehwag, the Sirji ripped off from the Boost ad[Link from Amit at India Uncut]. The singing navels – I haven’t figured that out yet – are they a rip off of the voices from the Seven Up jingle? And the singing burger – yet to figure it out. read more