Part of a Billion

Last week, a census taker visited us, and for the first time, included us in the National Census of India.

The only previous memory of being included in the census was in the 1981 census, when I was staying with my grandparents in Bangalore for the summer holidays. My grandmother was sitting on the stone step outside the front door, removing adulterants from rice, when the census taker visited. My grandmother being a teacher herself, she got into a conversation with the census taker, who was also a teacher. I was playing nearby, and remember being part of the conversation, though I doubt whether I made any insightful contributions, being all of six years old then. read more

Airtel Broadband – Finally!

Finally, more than two years after I moved to Hyderabad, Airtel Broadband is here.

I get to break free of the shackles of broadband wannabe Tata Indicom, whose always-on connection has managed to be off for more than a dozen times in the past eight months.

Rubbing my hands in glee, I ran a speed test, and it looks like I finally have a decent connection!