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Jungle Lodges – KGudi

We just came back from a short, but nevertheless long-anticipated-with-relish, holiday to Bangalore and the Jungle Lodges Resort at Kyathadevarayangudi – KGudi for short.

The resort itself is right inside the Biligiri Ranganna Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, about 86 kilometres from Mysore. Its setting is quite picturesque – it has its own waterhole, and the tented cottages and log huts blend in perfectly with the surroundings. Since the resort itself is plonked right in the middle of the jungle, quite a bit of animal and bird life can be spotted right from one’s balcony.

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This is a picture I took on a trip to Pulicat in Andhra Pradesh in 2005. We were walking on the lake-bed, looking for birds one brutally-hot summer day when on the road we saw this jeep. We later found out that these jeeps were the only mode of publich transport at most times of the day. Government buses were few and far between, and so people risked life and limb to get to where they were going. This also reminds me of the Cambodian bamboo railway.

How many people does it take...

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Colours from History

Sergei Mikhailovich Produkin-Gorskii, Photographer to the TsarsStumbled across The Empire that was Russia, an exhibition of a photographic record of turn-of-the-century Russia by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii. This guy was a genius who figured out a way to make colour photographs way before they were invented. He used different coloured filters – red, green and blue – to take pictures of his subjects in rapid succession, capturing each colour on a separate plate. He then used these plates along with a light projection system to display them. read more

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Chennai in the Rain

Chennai is once again in the throes of a depression, and rain and wind have been lashing the city since about 1500 hrs yesterday (it is 1300 hrs on 27 Oct 2005 now).

This morning, all schools and colleges remained closed and many offices saw very little attendence. The Chennai corporation commissioner was on radio earlier today, urging residents to stay at home and not travel. Apparently a lot of roads and subways are flooded and with more rain expected, it can only get worse.

I got to office by the office car, which Ramesh bravely managed to drive, with Saga’s help, all the way to my home. read more

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