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India: Top 5 Touch Devices

I wrote a list of my top 5 touch devices for a piece called Titans of Touch in the latest issue of BusinessWorld and they edited it a bit to fit their layout demands. Here’s the version I wrote:

And so it is – I find myself with an unlimited budget, and five of my favourite touchscreen devices on the shopping list. I find myself hard put to make a choice – what will I get two of? But then, sanity prevails, and I promise myself I will get only one of each device. And so, without any further ado, here’s the list of five touchscreen devices I will rush out and buy the moment I get the cash!

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Windows Live Writer

Finally, a blogging tool from Microsoft that promises a lot, and according to recent reviews, delivers too. Spellchecking seems to be working, though not as you type. What’s funny is that it doesn’t seem to recognize the word “blogging,” and I had to add it to the dictionary!

A really cool feature is that this is really WYSIWIG – it shows you what you type with the formatting from the theme currently enabled on your blog. Of course, I still haven’t published this post, so I don’t really know how it will turn out online. read more

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Gmail for

After reading Suresh’s post on Gmail for your domain, I went and registered.

Yesterday, I got an email from Google, saying that I could join the beta.  All I had to do was make a few changes to the MX records of my domain – in this case. It was very easy to do, and Google’s instructions were easy and clear, and voila, my domain was gmailed!

I had stopped using my navin@ email address because of the amount of spam it was getting. Now that it is being handled by the Gmail spam filters, I should be able to resume using it. read more

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Google, BSNL Dataone, Kingsly

For some reason, Google throws up my post on my BSNL Dataone experience in the very first page when you search for BSNL Dataone. What this has meant is that many people looking for answers to questions, information on BSNL Dataone or just to register their frustration at BSNL’s Dataone practices end up on my blog, using the comments to ask questions or share their experiences and opinions. I think it is time I did something responsible and pointed readers to some real information.

Kingsly, uber-geek, techno-wizard, and above all a man with infinite patience, has compiled a list of FAQs on BSNL Datone, as well as an exhaustive study of the BSNL Dataone metering system, which throws up more than a few surprises! read more

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NASSCOM Animation India 2006

I had the wonderful experience of attending Nasscomm’s Animation India 2006. I spent two days learning loads of stuff and getting a lot of perspective on an industry about which I had the sketchiest of ideas. There were world beaters at the conference – people who were involved in the Simpsons, Teletubbies, the Rugrats, Shrek, Madagascar, Hanuman… There were also game builders and TV channels.

Here are a few quotes I jotted down – these are just sound bites I managed to remember long enough to take down, and are not representative of what the speakers spoke. Again, almost all the quotes are remembered, and therefore may not stand up in a court of law! I quote from memory, and mine is notorious for remembering only what it wants to!

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WordPress 2.0

With WordPress 2.0 looming large on the horizon, I wait with bated breath. Will the theme I’m using work with it? Will the plugins I am using work with it? Will I have a painful time restoring all functionalities?

Looks like there are a lot of people like me, which means I am lucky! Matt has a list of plugins that should work with WordPress 2.0. There is a sticky thread dedicated to the release in the WP forums. With all this, hopefully, the transition should not be painful. The only problem seems to be, with me going off for Christmas to Coimbatore, I’m left with very little time on my hands to upgrade and then make sure everything is a-ok. read more

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Blog Quake Day

Today is Blog Quake Day, that day when we all blog for awareness on the earthquake in Kashmir, as well as ask everyone to contribute to the relief efforts.

Awareness about the earthquake and its impact is an important step in helping with relief – going beyond a “it’s-a-big-earthquake-and-lots-of-people-died” awareness is itself a way of understanding what is going on, and what one can do to help.

Read all about the quake and the relief efforts on the BBC’s in depth look at the South Asia Quake. read more

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