Kids Playing Cricket

How A Schoolboy Scored 1009 Runs In 323 Balls In A Competitive Game

This is a story wriiten by Bharat Sundaresan and Sriram Veera way back in 2016, but I read it only now. They have gone behind the scenes, talked to a bunch of folks involved in the game of cricket, and presented all the drama and circumstance in a piece that reads like a story in a novel.

On the surface, the story sounds like a dream-come-true. A schoolboy from a modest background playing against a team from an affluent school goes on to make a world record, scoring 1009 runs off just 323 balls. But two journalists go behind the scenes and tease out a tale that brings out the extraordinary circumstances that resulted in this happening, and bring out the real heroes of the story. Hint – it’s not the boy who scored a thousand runs!

You can read the complete story by clicking through below.

In the picture: Children playing cricket near the famous Virupaksha temple in Hampi