Coffee and Hyderabad – A Modern Love Story!

When I first moved to Hyderabad almost 15 years ago, you would be hard put to find a decent cappuccino. A couple of restaurants served half-decent South Indian filter coffee, but that was it. Coffee was a strangely ignored beverage in the bad old days!

Today, thanks to a bunch of die-hard coffee fans who not only decided to make Hyderabad their home in spite of its indifferent attitude to the good old bean, but also decided to bring good coffee, and with it some really awesome coffee places to town.

My friend Sunaina Patnaik talked to a bunch of coffee afficionados who run a variety of coffee places in Hyderabad, and wrote a detailed account of coffee culture in Hyderabad today. Go on give it a read!

In the picture: A cup of specialty coffee at Sentido