KrishAshok’s Brilliance – Alcohol in the Kitchen, Cake in the Oven!

Krish Ashok has been the purveyor of fine entertainment for quite a long time for a lot of us. A decade ago we had listened to his wickedly funny ReTRibution to AtTRibution: Our ConTRibution, shared it round, listened to it again and again till we were quoting bits of it (with the autotuning!). Here it is so you can listen to it again on Soundcloud.

If you have been following him on Twitter, you would have seen his forays into and subsequent immersion into cooking. Now he has turned that into a book where he explores the scientific basis of cooking, and firmly destroys the myth that the kitchen and a chemistry lab are two different things!

Here’s an excerpt from his book, called Masala Lab:

And here’s more of Krish Ahok being himself with his Christmas cake recipe, lest we be accused of ignoring seasonality!

And since all of this means you already want to buy the book, go for it here!

No – I’m not being paid to say any of this, nor is this an affiliate link. Just want to share any awesomeness I come across with all you folks!