Atomic Habits by James Clear

Food for thought in the New Year: DON’T Set Goals!

The advent of a new year has the habit of making us look at our lives and take stock, at least for most of us. And most of us find ourselves wanting in some respect and resolve to change something to address whatever shortcomings we have identified. This leads us to make new year resolutions, the most broken thing in the history of humanity!

In his book Atomic Habits, James Clear offers a way of making these resolutions that might actually stick. Instead of setting goals, he shows us an alternative that has a much higher chance of bringing about change. Read an excerpt from his book here, where the alternative is described along with the reasoning behind it:

Of course, if you like it, definitely go buy the book.

Happy New Year, and may you be happier in 2021 than you have been in 2020!