London – A Few Glimpses

London was brilliant - both from a place to visit perspective as well as a photography perspective. Here are a few glimpses from my visit there.

Kandy Snapshots

Kandy is a delightful little city with an old-world charm. Whether you are wandering around the Dalada Maligawa or pottering about the streets of the town, you can never miss the slower pace and gentler attitudes of the people. Even the busy bustling streets are deserted and quiet after dark, and most exchanges with locals will leave with a feeling of peace and calm. Here are a few snapshots from our time there.

Dalada Maligawa

The most visited attraction in Kandy is also its most shining jewel, and an important religious center for Buddhists from all over Sri Lanka. For a place that is visited by thousands of pilgrims and tourists every day, the temple is curiously peaceful. It is a living temple and you will come across people – both monks and lay folk – at prayer or in deep contemplation. The buildings in the complex have been in use for centuries – the first version of the temple was built in 1595 CE. The temple is a masonry structure with a wooden superstructure, and there are elaborate decorations on many parts of it. read more

Japan – How to do it right!

Here are a few tips from my trip to Japan - where to eat what, where to get your tattoo and the best place to find some good Japanese whiskey!