Hampi – History, Mythology, You

Hampi is the modern town that sits by the ruins of the City of Victory, Vijayanagara, capital of the once mighty Vijayanagar Empire. Local tradition also says that it is the site of the Kingdom of Monkeys, Kishkinda, and birthplace of Hanuman, the monkey god. In fact, every guide will tell you that the landscape of broken rocks is nothing but what is left after the terrible battle between brothers Vali and Sugreeva over the kinship of Kishkinda.

This is also typical of the Indian habit of conflating history and mythology, making Hampi the perfect Indian destination where the past lives on. read more

Goa – Unseen Colors

On one of our visits to Goa, I went walking with my camera through the streets of Fontainhas in Panjim, and the result - a set of crazy colorful pictures!